PC, Consoles and Mobile Devices--- NFT card game, Multiplayer--- Legends of the Realm merges “The Witcher” lore with Dungeons & Dragons’ gameplay into a captivating digital card game. Players engage in strategic battles, build decks, and embark on branching quests, all within a richly crafted universe inspired by both franchise

PC, Consoles and Mobile Devices--- FPS shooter, Sci-fi, Shooter vehicles, Multiplayer--- “Galactic Havoc” is a riveting space combat game that plunges players into thrilling battles across cosmic realms. With FPS shooter elements and deep customization, it offers intense action, strategic depth, and immersive experiences across various platforms, captivating both casual and hardcore gamers

PC, Consoles and Mobile Devices---- Rhythm, simulator, Multiplayer---- “Dance Now!” is a vibrant rhythm game tailored for casual players of all ages and skill levels. With diverse music genres, dance styles, and interactive gameplay across multiple platforms, it promises an engaging experience for everyone.