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Dance Now


Target Platform: PC, Consoles and Mobile Devices
Genre: Rhythm, simulator, Multiplayer
Short Summary

“Dance Now!” is a vibrant rhythm game tailored for casual players of all ages and skill levels. With diverse music genres, dance styles, and interactive gameplay across multiple platforms, it promises an engaging experience for everyone.

Inclusive gameplay: Matching rhythms through various input methods for an interactive experience.
Diversity in content: Offering a range of songs, dances, and modes, including single player, multiplayer, and party modes.
Social features: Leaderboards, challenges, and replay sharing for a connected gaming community.
Captivating art style: Colorfully stylized characters and environments.
The Business

“Dance Now!” strategically targets a wide gaming audience across platforms, aiming for a commercially successful venture. The monetization strategy encompasses diverse revenue streams, including in-app purchases unlocking new songs, dances, and outfits, subscription models granting access to exclusive content, and non-intrusive advertising tailored to enhance rather than disrupt gameplay. These approaches align with the game’s vision of accessibility and engagement, ensuring a balanced and profitable business model.


  1. Exclusive Rhythm Gaming: Many rhythm games cater to skilled players, leaving casual gamers out.
  2. Monotonous Experience: Limited music and gameplay variety make some rhythm games repetitive.
  3. Limited Social Engagement: Games lack interactive multiplayer and social elements.


  1. Inclusive Design: Dance Now is accessible for all skill levels and ages.
  2. Diverse Content: Offers a wide range of music and gameplay modes for an engaging experience.
  3. Social Interaction: Features multiplayer options and social sharing for enhanced engagement.
The Market

Tailored for casual gamers seeking immersive and entertaining experiences, “Dance Now!” occupies a niche in the market. Its diverse content and inclusive gameplay resonate with a broad audience. Leveraging social media platforms, targeted advertising, and strategic partnerships, the game aims to amplify its reach, tapping into the pulse of a vibrant gaming community hungry for engaging and socially connected experiences.


Armed With a comprehensive GDD in place, we’ve entered the prototyping phase to explore the first impression KPI results


“Dance Now!” eyes an evolution that could encompass a compelling narrative mode, empowering players to customize characters and outfits, opening doors to additional monetization avenues. Collaborations with music artists and integration with popular platforms like TikTok are potential strategies for expanding reach and engagement. These avenues augment the core experience, promising a continually evolving and engaging gaming universe.

Team Setup, OKR & Timeframe

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The Deal

In our pipeline, we’re nurturing three other games at similar stages. Our forte lies in ideation—monthly market analyses fuel our creative engine, and our robust technical prowess breathes life into these concepts.

To unleash Version 1’s potential and gauge its initial impact via KPIs, we seek $10-15k for pre-production and seamless transition into $350k production. Our flexibility shines through: we’re open to Equity partnerships or project-based agreements with revenue sharing.

We’re seeking partners who bring more than just funding—investors with a knack for marketing, QA expertise, and the financial backing to propel our project forward also with the excitement to explore our ideas.
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