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Galactic Havoc


Target Platform: PC, Consoles and Mobile Devices
Genre: FPS shooter, Sci-fi, Shooter vehicles, Multiplayer
Short Summary

“Galactic Havoc” is a riveting space combat game that plunges players into thrilling battles across cosmic realms. With FPS shooter elements and deep customization, it offers intense action, strategic depth, and immersive experiences across various platforms, captivating both casual and hardcore gamers.

Engaging Space Combat: Seamlessly blending action-packed combat and strategic decision-making.
Deep Customization: Extensive ship customization, offering players unique gameplay experiences.
FPS Core Gameplay: Fast-paced, immersive shooter elements set in the vastness of space.
Multiplatform Accessibility: will be available on Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC.
gamerefinery powerscore: 92
The Business

“Galactic Havoc” aims to conquer the market by offering an enthralling space combat experience with deep customization. It’s set to monetize through in-game purchases for cosmetic items and potential collaborations across platforms for strategic promotions, ensuring a robust market presence.


  1. Market Saturation: Many existing space combat games lack innovation, resulting in a saturated market with repetitive gameplay experiences.
  2. Lack of Engagement: Some space combat games struggle to keep players engaged over the long term due to limited multiplayer modes, progression systems, and customization options.
  3. Platform Limitations: Few games offer seamless cross-platform play, limiting the gaming experience across different devices.
  4. Stagnant Genres: Sci-fi shooters often fail to blend diverse elements like space combat, FPS mechanics, and extensive multiplayer features into a cohesive experience.


  1. Innovative Gameplay: Galactic Havoc introduces a fusion of action-packed space combat, FPS elements, and deep customization, standing out in a saturated market.
  2. Engagement-Centric Design: Robust multiplayer modes, strategic progression systems, and extensive customization ensure ongoing player engagement.
  3. Cross-Platform Integration: Enabling cross-platform play across multiple devices broadens the player base and fosters a more inclusive gaming community.
  4. Genre Fusion: By seamlessly combining space combat and FPS mechanics, Galactic Havoc breaks genre norms, offering a fresh and captivating experience.


The Market

Specifically designed for the Skill Master Archetype, the game targets Sci-fi, FPS Shooter, and Shooter Vehicles enthusiasts. With its challenging gameplay, immersive scenarios, and rich customization, it appeals broadly across platforms, offering a diverse experience to varied gaming communities.


Galactic Havoc is in its concept refinement stage, supported by a GameRefinery score of 92. The GDD outlines compelling space combat mechanics and ship customization, poised for advanced development. We’re prepared to engage in crafting this game into an exciting space adventure.


“Galactic Havoc” aims for a robust launch, delivering a multifaceted experience catering to diverse player preferences. Post-launch, the focus is on sustaining engagement through regular updates, fresh content, and community-driven features to expand the game’s universe and foster a vibrant player community.

Team, OKR & Timeframe

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The Deal

In our pipeline, we’re nurturing three other games at similar stages. Our forte lies in ideation—monthly market analyses fuel our creative engine, and our robust technical prowess breathes life into these concepts.

To unleash Version 1’s potential and gauge its initial impact via KPIs, we seek $15-20k for pre-production and seamless transition into 500k production. Our flexibility shines through: we’re open to Equity partnerships or project-based agreements with revenue sharing.

We’re seeking partners who bring more than just funding—investors with a knack for marketing, QA expertise, and the financial backing to propel our project forward also with the excitement to explore our ideas.
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