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Legends of the Realm: Glory & Fate

Legends of the Realm

Target Platform: PC, Consoles and Mobile Devices
Genre: RPG, NFT card game, Multiplayer
Short Summary

“Legends of the Realm: Glory & Fate” merges “The Witcher” lore with Dungeons & Dragons’ gameplay into a captivating digital card game. Players engage in strategic battles, build decks, and embark on branching quests, all within a richly crafted universe inspired by both franchises.

Gamerefinery powerscore: 86
Monetization with NFTs: Unique in-game assets and cosmetic items for players.
Multiplayer Modes: Ranked and casual matches for competitive and relaxed gameplay.
Fusion of Universes: Blends "The Witcher" lore with D&D gameplay mechanics.
The Business

“Legends of the Realm: Glory & Fate” aims to cater to the expansive fanbases of “The Witcher” and Dungeons & Dragons, offering a unique blend of both universes. The game seeks to tap into the digital card game market by providing an engaging and strategic experience that appeals to fans of card games, RPGs, and fantasy universes.

Fragmented Gaming Experience: Players lack a cohesive experience across universes.
Monetization Challenges: Traditional models don’t engage players effectively.
Predictable Narratives: Card Games often have repetitive storytelling.
Limited Customization: Players lack depth in personalizing their in-game identities.

Fusion of Universes: “Legends of the Realm” combines “The Witcher” and D&D, offering a unique experience.
Innovative Monetization: NFT integration introduces ownership and a player-driven marketplace.
Engaging Narratives: Branching quests inspired by D&D campaigns for deeper engagement.
Extensive Customization: Robust options for avatars and decks to enhance player identity.


The Market

The game targets both card game enthusiasts and fans of “The Witcher” and Dungeons & Dragons. With a focus on strategic card battles, narrative depth, and the allure of two iconic franchises, it aims to capture a niche within the gaming market that appreciates rich lore, diverse gameplay mechanics, and competitive multiplayer experiences.


Armed with a detailed GDD and promising Game Refinery score, Legends of the Realms is venturing confidently into the prototyping phase. We’re ready to weave an epic narrative, blending the immersive lore of two iconic universes into an enthralling card game experience.


The game aims to finalize core mechanics, expand card libraries, and optimize gameplay for multiple platforms. The team plans to implement a robust progression system, refine quest structures, and integrate multiplayer features. Future updates aim to enhance gameplay depth, introduce new quests, and expand the card pool.

Team, OKR & Timeframe

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The Deal

In our pipeline, we’re nurturing three other games at similar stages. Our forte lies in ideation—monthly market analyses fuel our creative engine, and our robust technical prowess breathes life into these concepts.

To unleash Version 1’s potential and gauge its initial impact via KPIs, we seek $10-15k for pre-production and seamless transition into 450k production. Our flexibility shines through: we’re open to Equity partnerships or project-based agreements with revenue sharing.

We’re seeking partners who bring more than just funding—investors with a knack for marketing, QA expertise, and the financial backing to propel our project forward also with the excitement to explore our ideas.
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