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Pirate match

Pirate match

Target Platform: Mobile Devices
Genre: Match 3, Puzzle , Multiplayer
Short Summary

Story: a group of pirates upgrade their ships in competition to reach the treasure Island.
The players receive soft currency and a chest after winning each level, To unlock these chests player has to play a specific mini-game.

Market-Aligned Design, deep planning, High Game refinery power score of 98
Experienced Team: Vetted pros lead our studio debut.
Strategic Growth: Global strategy, evolving gameplay.
The Business

Revolutionizing the gaming experience, our venture intertwines the allure of Match 3 puzzles with brain-teasing word challenges within a captivating pirate saga. We empower players with soft and special currencies, an array of boosters, and the immersive Battle Pass, forging a distinctive narrative-driven adventure. By combining engaging mechanics and a compelling storyline, our game aims to redefine player immersion, offering a refreshing twist to traditional puzzle gaming while fostering long-term engagement and enjoyment.


  1. Monotonous Gameplay: Similar games often lack innovation, leading to repetitive experiences.
  2. Limited Monetization: Many struggle with diverse revenue streams beyond basic in-app purchases.
  3. Stagnant Progression: Predictable levels hinder player engagement over time.
  4. Disjointed Genres: Combining puzzle genres results in confusing or disconnected gameplay.


  1. Innovative Fusion: Seamlessly combines match-3 and word-based puzzles for a refreshing experience.
  2. Diverse Monetization: Unlocks chests via word puzzles, providing rewards and optional in-game purchases.
  3. Dynamic Progression: Varied level structures maintain player interest and motivation.
  4. Seamless Genre Integration: Integrates word puzzles as enjoyable obstacles without disrupting gameplay flow.
The Market

Player Archetype: Thinker / Problem-Solving / Skill Master
Market trends show a surge in mobile puzzle gaming, emphasizing short, rewarding sessions. However, sustaining player engagement beyond routine puzzles remains a challenge. Our innovative game, blending Match 3 and word challenges in a narrative-driven pirate adventure, addresses this issue. By offering multi-layered gameplay and a captivating storyline, we aim to prolong player interest. Leveraging the success of Candy Crush’s $5B and Wordscapes’ $200M revenue, our game targets sustained engagement, aligning with the expanding puzzle game trend and the potential for global market growth.


Having meticulously crafted the GDD for Pirate Match, backed by insightful data from Game Refinery, we’re steering confidently into the prototyping stage.


Deliver a captivating game: We aim to create an immersive experience, blending puzzle challenges with narrative depth to engage players on multiple levels.
Cultivate community: Fostering a vibrant player community through social features and events, enhancing player interaction and retention.
Expand market reach: Strategically penetrating untapped markets, leveraging partnerships, and innovative marketing approaches for global expansion.
Continuous evolution: Committing to regular updates, introducing fresh content, and responding to player feedback to sustain long-term engagement.

Team setup, OKR and Timeframe

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The Deal

In our pipeline, we’re nurturing three other games at similar stages. Our forte lies in ideation—monthly market analyses fuel our creative engine, and our robust technical prowess breathes life into these concepts.

To unleash Version 1’s potential and gauge its initial impact via KPIs, we seek $15-20k for pre-production and seamless transition into 500k production. Our flexibility shines through: we’re open to Equity partnerships or project-based agreements with revenue sharing.

We’re seeking partners who bring more than just funding—investors with a knack for marketing, QA expertise, and the financial backing to propel our project forward also with the excitement to explore our ideas.
Join us in crafting the next gaming sensation